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"The user experience for both adviser and client is best in class. This is reflected in the clean, stylish outputs and an intuitive back-end that allows data to be keyed quickly and efficiently"

Sanlam Wealth Planning

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Bring your insights to life

To provide truly great financial planning services you need the best software in the business. i4C is the future with innovative and intuitive cashflow modelling software that enables you to bring your insights to life, visually.

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One system for all
your clients

Feature rich yet easy to use: i4C covers everyone’s needs, from everyday users to high net worth individuals.

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One system for all your planning needs

i4C’s simple data input process and comprehensive toolset ensure integrated financial planning.

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One system for greater transparency and compliance

Intuitive, engaging interface supports easy stress testing of advice – and clearly demonstrates the impacts.

Cashflow planning does’t have to be complicated. Effortless and enjoyable to use in your client meetings, i4C creates clarity and confidence, removes client inertia and takes your clients relationships to the next level.

New tools for new rules –
are you ready for the future?

Financial planners face increasing regulatory challenges: with the spotlight on fee transparency, it’s crucial that you respond. With i4C you have the best cashflow planning tool on the market, so you can convey the quality and value of your advice visually, and provide an even better customer experience.

Build stronger client relationships

Ensuring best advice and strong relationships are at the heart of i4C. Founded on the 3 pillars of cashflow modelling, it keeps everything in sight – inspiring true client confidence.

Empower clients to make decisions with confidence, having seen and understood the potential impact of action

Demonstrate the impact and value of good advice. Quantify the value you’re adding as a financial planner

Stress test advice with alternative scenarios to ensure a robust and considered approach

i4C moves client conversations from fees and investment performance to the issues that make
a real difference – the client life plans.

Made for you and your clients

The best relationships are based on collaboration and transparency. Effortless and fast to use our cashflow planning tool enables you to discuss and clearly demonstrate complex scenarios with your clients, adapting to changes and events with aplomb.

Beyond easy – i4C’s enjoyable to use

Clarity and simplicity were centre stage when we designed our cashflow planning tool. Innovative to the core, it combines industry leading functionality with an intuitive and easy to use interface. Result? You can use it as confidently and easily in face-to-face client meetings, as you can back at the office.

Integrated financial planning tools

Our cashflow planning tool supports professional, transparent and understandable financial advice, with an unrivalled suite of planning and forecasting tools that you can use for all your clients. Specialist functionality means you can put the impacts of your advice, and changing events, in plain sight. From solving tax, pensions and investment complexities to asset and liability modelling and wider financial strategy planning, with i4C cashflow software you have it all at your fingertips.

Plan with clarity. Create confidence. Demonstrate value

Effortless and enjoyable to use in client meetings, i4C creates clarity and confidence, taking your client relationships to the next level.

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Plain narrative

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Valuable client relationships

  • Increase loyalty of existing clients
  • Raise client referral rates
  • Create more enjoyable review meetings
  • Reduce the impact of market volatility on the quality of advice
  • Encourage clients to share their plans, goals and personal aspirations

Greater consistency

  • Ensure advice is considered and robust
  • Provide an audit trail
  • Reduce compliance risk: data transparency, single application, one input

Higher fees and profitability

  • Grow overall fee revenue
  • Save time and boost efficiency
  • Increase pitch win success
  • Target new revenue – helping advise on a business sale
  • Justify fees clearly and easily

Want to see how i4C cashflow software works?

Watch this quick demo to put your financial planning future in plain sight.

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"i4C is so easy for my clients to engage with and to be able to answer the big question of “Can I afford to retire?”"

SOLLA Accredited Later Life Adviser & Care Fees Planning Specialist

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