"The user experience for both adviser and client is best in class. This is reflected in the clean, stylish outputs and an intuitive back-end that allows data to be keyed quickly and efficiently"

Sanlam Wealth Planning

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Detailed cash flow forecasts made simple

You can create lifetime cashflow forecasts for your clients with our easy to use tool. The best relationships are based on collaboration and transparency. Effortless and fast to use, i4C enables you to clearly demonstrate different scenarios, incorporating goals and aspirations, no matter how complex.

Cash flow modelling moves client conversations from fees and investment performance to the issues that make a real difference – the client life plans.

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Cashflow planning with outputs your clients will love

Making it easy to help clients
visualise and achieve their life goals

“It must be clear and simple” is fundamental to the design of i4C, It’s still our focus today. Innovative to the core, we combine industry leading functionality with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

You need to be confident using cashflow modelling live in a client meeting as you are using it back at the office.

i4C  is designed to save you time and help your clients feel more engaged in their financial future. It clearly demonstrates the impact of your recommendations.

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We've designed i4C to be intuitive throughout, for both advisers and client

Integrated financial planning tools

Our cashflow planning software supports professional, transparent and understandable financial advice, with an unrivalled suite of planning and forecasting tools that you can use for all your clients.

Specialist functionality means you can put the impacts of your advice, and changing events, in plain sight.

From solving tax, pensions and investment complexities to asset and liability modelling and wider financial strategy planning, with i4C cashflow software you have it all at your fingertips.

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Manage all of your financial planning clients – on a single system

i4C Cashflow Planning: Powerful. Easy to use

Plan with clarity. Demonstrate value

Effortless and engaging, i4C creates clarity and confidence during client meetings, taking your client relationships to the next level.

Cash flow modelling will help your clients visualise their current financial position. It allows you to demonstrate how their future financial goals and objectives can be achieved.

i4C is the most advanced and powerful cashflow modelling software on the market. It will change the way you look after clients forever.

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Watch our cashflow demo to put your financial planning future in plain sight.

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"We chose i4C as it is intuitive, user friendly and has proven to have tighter integration"

Attivo Financial Planning

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