Our cash flow journey so far…

i4C Cash Flow Modelling software was founded in 2016. However our origins go back further – to the experiences of the award-winning team at Bath-based Epoch Wealth Management. If you’re a financial planner, it’s a story that will be familiar.

The firm’s planning team became frustrated at the shortcomings of well-known cashflow planning software. They found the offerings to be unwieldy and inflexible or overly simplistic. Outputs were difficult to interpret. So they decided to develop a solution in-house that would better meet planners’ needs. The seeds of i4C were sown.

Many influential financial planners were excited at early beta versions. In 2018, i4C was launched by an experienced team of fintech entrepreneurs, intent on creating the industry’s leading cash flow planning tool.

In July 2019 was acquired by Intelliflo which itself is part of the global Invesco group. Intelliflo is the UK’s leading back office application for financial planning firms. By joining forces this has given i4C access to the greater resources and reach of Intelliflo and Invesco. This is leading to great investment into the development of the i4C product for the benefit of users.

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Why cashflow modelling?

We see cashflow modelling as key in enhancing the advisory process, by improving transparency and compliance, and strengthening client relationships. We created i4C to provide financial planners with the tools they deserve: a sophisticated but easy to use toolset that supports optimal advice – and the clear demonstration of the value of that advice.



"Used well, it can empower clients, help them make good decisions and, maybe, change lives"

An Ex-Regulator’s Guide to Cash flow Planning’

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Our Vision

Our vision at i4C is to redefine how financial planners build and develop long-term relationships with their clients. By building the industry’s most engaging and innovative financial planning solutions, we aim to establish our software as the ‘go to’ solution in this sector.

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Our Values

At i4C we have 6 core values that frame everything we do:

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We continually examine and challenge new ideas and encourage our team to think about changing the perceptions of the way our customers can work. We expect and require innovation and invention and always find ways to simplify.

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We live by the mantra that “ideas are great but execution is everything”. We deliver no matter what stands in our way.

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We achieve excellence together by working actively and collaboratively with our colleagues, partners and customers to open the door of possibilities.

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We are fixated on ensuring our customers have the best software to provide the best possible support and advice, in the simplest and most effective way. We strive to earn and keep their trust.

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We will develop and learn to come up with the greatest solutions. Our team are inquisitive and ask loads of questions. We are leaders and are serious about developing others to create a working environment that nurtures career defining greatness.

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We are ruthlessly honest and candid. We are self-critical even when that can be uncomfortable. But we always listen carefully, speak openly and respect other’s views.