Cashflow modelling helping make planners lives easier.

23 August 2019

Intelliflo Change the Game conference

Cashflow modelling is now an essential part of the financial planning process. It is helping make planners lives easier.

At this years Change the Game conference i4C’s Rob Tedder shows how to plan holistically for all client eventualities using cashflow modelling. Financial planners will have more informed and frank conversations with their clients.

Many things that planners do can be done better by the implementation of technology. The key to technology adoption is efficiency and ease of use. Cashflow modelling is an essential part of the financial planning process. Yet the number of planners who have mastered it and that are using the software interactively with clients, is still very limited.

Cashflow modelling is more than seeing if a client runs out of money or when they can retire.

Rob demonstrates how cashflow modelling will make planners lives easier. You can plan for all client eventualities. Whilst, saving time to focus on developing new and existing client relationships. Rob focuses on our ground-breaking Goal Seek Wizards. They simplify the advice process whilst promoting interactive conversations. Client questions can now be answered with full clarity.

Cashflow modelling used to its full potential enables planners to offer clients an experience they cannot get elsewhere. It saves time and allows planners to clearly show the value of their advice.


Click here if you’d like to revisit some of the sessions. This page contains all the presentations, slides and videos. And below are a few photographs from the conference.