Capacity for Loss Wizard

27 June 2019

We are delighted to enhance our cashflow modelling application with the introduction of the Capacity for Loss Wizard.

This latest wizard transforms the way you can engage with clients to assess their real capacity for loss and risk.

Our focus has been on the client and their family. Also making it simple and quick to use, but visually easy to understand.


James Calvert-Jones, Head of Product at i4C Technology said:

“We constantly aim to design features that makes the lives of planners easier. And help clients make better informed decisions.

Assessing risk should not be a tedious tick box exercise. It is too important for that. The i4C ‘Capacity for Loss Wizard’ saves time and engages clients. It highlights the real impact of risk on their lives. Clients who engage with planners using our Wizard can make better decisions and worry less. I hope you enjoy this new feature.”