Goal Seek Wizards

27 February 2019

Cashflow modelling provider i4C Technology is delighted to introduce their Goal Seek Wizards. These game changing wizards are a huge time saver for financial planners. The wizards automate the process of answering common client planning questions and present the findings via visually engaging and easy to understand outputs. The first i4C wizard to be launched is the Optimisation Wizard.

James Calvert-Jones, Head of Product at i4C Technology said “Our aim is to make the financial planning process simpler, more visual and more productive with incredibly powerful and intuitive features. I’m particularly excited about the launch of our much requested wizards due to the amount of time they will save planners. They will also help engage clients more in the planning process. I think planners will love them!”

Answering client question such as ‘what is the minimum return I need to ensure I never run out of money?’ is a fundamental part of the advice process. This helps to establish a client’s need to take risk. It can then be assessed against their attitude to risk and capacity for loss.

The Optimisation Wizard makes answering this question effortless.

Want to learn more? You can watch a short video explaining how it works below

The Optimisation Wizard calculates the required adjustment to expenditure and returns to achieve the plan goals.

The goal setting process has pre-set defaults but also provides you with the flexibility to amend if required. For example, you may wish to target for the client’s liquid assets plus pension to never fall below £50,000 at any point within the plan. Or, alternatively, target that the value does not fall below this target at a specific age in the future.

The wizard results are presented via plan English narrative. They clearly explain any adjustments required to the plan to meet the target. The results are shown via an overlay graph which can be exported at the click of a button to our powerful wizard report.

This wizard is a glimpse of what is to come and will be followed over the coming weeks by our next two Goal Seek Wizards:

  • Protection Need and
  • Capacity for Loss.