Launch of Scenario Comparison Report

4 February 2019

Cashflow planning software provider i4C Technology are pleased to announce the launch of our new innovative time-saving Scenario Comparison Report

Our i4C Financial Planning Community have told us that one of the most powerful aspects of cashflow modelling is comparing what-if scenarios.  This enables your clients to clearly assess the benefits of one course of action over another. This is also an opportunity for you to quantify the value of your financial planning advice – often which is tax related.

Comparing scenarios at the heart of what you do. We have just made the comparison process a whole lot simpler.

The feedback we have received is that scenario mode, where two scenarios are compared side by side within the App, is an extremely effective way of achieving this.

We have also been told that some clients like to see the comparison via numeric data tables as well as graphs. They do not however want data tables that go over several pages and make comparison difficult.

We have taken this feedback and developed a new innovative and time saving report. This will make comparing scenarios for you and your client a piece of cake.  The report not only allows you to export graphs side by side but also compare asset values, IHT positions and cumulative tax positions in data tables of the key years of your client’s life.