Two-way Intelliflo integration

11 February 2019

Cashflow planning software provider i4C Technology has launched two-way integration with Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office. We have been asking our financial planners what they really want from a two-way integration and the overwhelming feedback is the ability to send i4C reports directly into iO. This is now possible via a quick and intuitive process.

James Calvert-Jones, Head of Product at i4C Technology, said:

“iO users have been calling to be able to send i4C report’s back into iO and we are pleased to have delivered upon this request. We are constantly looking at ways to streamline the financial planning process for our users. We want to make their lives easier and ultimately give them the tools to allow their clients to make decisions with clarity and confidence.

With our latest reporting development planners can now give their clients a better understanding of their financial plans and clearly demonstrate the benefits of one course of action over another. This will allow planners to easily quantify the value of their advice to their clients over and above pure investment performance as typically it will be tax related.”

Please watch the video to find out more.