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I hope you don’t mind but I signed up to trial your new i4C cashflow modelling tool. I thought it would be good to give a bit of constructive feedback.

I love the initial interface when you sign in. It is fresh and immediately obvious (even to an old man like me!). I really found reassurance in the double security of sending you an authentication code when you try and log in. This meets GDPR worries that Financial Planning firms may have and it made me feel comfortable to actually enter data to really take the thing by the horns and have a go!

I loaded in all of my own data which I really found very easy. You can tell this thing has been designed by financial planners. There are lots of extra boxes that are relevant and informative without a complete soup of boxes to complete.

The diagrams are really clear. It feels a bit like strava for reasons I can’t explain! I think it is the simple icons with minimal writing.

The loading in process is logical and actually prompts the planner to think of anything that they may have missed for their client. I like that a lot.

There is a brilliant ‘baseline’ summary for each section. I felt as if I was constructing a financial planning report. This is the key difference I feel with this very smart system. You are not simply ‘gluing’ the cashflow model into a report. You are able to consider the whole plan through the models.

I went on to create graphs. I found this a little harder to master initially, but within a few minutes I had very workable illustrations to show a prospective client. The graphs are clear and could be nicely explained with ease.

In short – I really like this cashflow modelling tool. It is intuitive, diligent and clearly designed by professional financial planners.

Darren Lloyd Thomas FPFS MCSI
Fellow, Chartered and Certified Financial Planner
Managing Director

Thomas and Thomas


"I really like this tool. It is intuitive, diligent and clearly designed by professional financial planners."

"I watched an introduction video for i4C and then started a free trial. It hit every point I was looking at."

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