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"Using cashflow modelling has brought us into the 21st century"

i4C is brilliant for us as a business. It is so easy to use, even for a technophobe like me! Using cashflow modelling has brought us into the 21st century. It has enabled our client review meetings to be a lot more productive as we help our clients to plan for their future. It serves us really well and you get the personal touch too. I’d have no hesitation in recommending i4C to other financial planning firms’. John Eastwood Eastwood Financial Solutions

Eastwood FS

"I really do like the i4C system. Moving forward it will be an integral part of my operation and already it has helped to secure a couple of new clients and add further assurance to some existing ones." Gavin Hilton DipPFS, Certs CII (MP & ER) Independent Financial Advisor  

Affinity Financial Advisors

"i4C was no longer a piece of software but a concise, integrated part of our process"

For me, the ‘lightbulb’ moment was after inputting a very complex IHT case. It included a sale of a business, BR relief and Trusts. The IHT graphs showed a very clear analysis. I selected a couple of years and compared the output figures against my own manual calculations to provide the confidence and certainty that all is correct. It was at that point that I felt that the i4C was no longer a piece of software but a concise, integrated part of our process. Bernard Rust FCII; BA Hons Director; Chartered Financial Planner PK Group

PK Group

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"I really like this tool. It is intuitive, diligent and clearly designed by professional financial planners."

I hope you don’t mind but I signed up to trial your new i4C cashflow modelling tool. I thought it would be good to give a bit of constructive feedback. I love the initial interface when you sign in. It is fresh and immediately obvious (even to an old man like me!). I really found reassurance in the double security of sending you an authentication code when you try and log in. This meets GDPR worries that Financial Planning firms may have and it made me feel comfortable to actually enter data to really take the thing by the horns...

Thomas and Thomas

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"I showed a firm of solicitors how we use cashflow modelling. A divorce solicitor was steering their client in one direction. After discussing the case on i4C they changed course altogether. They were clearly able to see the value of such a tool and now refer regular cases to us." Foysol Hussain, Chartered FCSI, DipPFS Financial Advisor P&BW  


Jonny is 10 years old and is in poor health with reduced life expectancy due to complications when he was born. Jonny received a payment as a result of a medical negligence claim alongside a regular income to cover care and living costs. After the initial purchase of a new adapted property, there is a balance of £1.2 million on deposit for potential investment. Lawyers were appointed as deputy trustees for Jonny and are essentially responsible for all decisions with regards to his financial well-being. By using the i4C cash flow modelling tool the lawyers as deputy could demonstrate they...

Legal Trustees As Deputy For Jonny (Aged 10)

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Roger and his wife are in poor health. Roger has recently undergone the process of transferring his pension out of a defined benefit scheme to safeguard the potential to pass on value to his children on death. He has recently taken early redundancy and been living on cash savings rather than drawing on his pension whilst he assesses what his and his wife’s actual expenditure levels are.  He has estimated this at £25,000 annually which leaves them with a shortfall of circa £10,000 per year over the next 9 years before their state pensions become available. Whilst Roger appreciates that...

Roger Jones

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Thank you for an impressive presentation this morning. Your cashflow modelling software is the best I’ve seen and will be an invaluable tool for clients. Partner - Chambers Band 1 Law Firm

Chambers Band 1 Law Firm

Using i4C cashflow modelling software has totally transformed the service you offer to me as a client. Rather than focusing on the past our meetings are now about visualising and planning for the future. That is far more interesting and valuable. Trevor, Entrepreneur


Bob (aged 57) and Jackie (63) are both working on relatively modest incomes.  The gross annual total income is c.£30,000 and expenditure is c.£23,000.  Jackie’s health is not good and she would like to give up work. Their home is valued at £500,000 with no debt. They also have a pension fund worth £250,000 and cash on deposit of £50,000. They are both entitled to full state pensions at age 67. The i4C cashflow planning tool demonstrated that they could afford the extra monthly expense of a lease, even with reduced working hours and using their cash as a buffer...

Financial Planner

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