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Revealed: The 3 ways cashflow modelling adds serious value

In recent years, many financial planners have adopted cashflow modelling as part of their advice process.

As well as promoting lifetime holistic planning services, it can also offer transformative benefits from a compliance and regulatory perspective.

Despite its clear appeal, not everyone sees the value in using cashflow modelling. Common objections we hear include:

  • It’s complicated to use
  • It takes ages to input the data and I don’t have the time
  • Clients don’t care about it
  • It’s not for my ‘type’ of client
  • It is expensive, and so doesn’t deliver value

It’s the final objection that advocates of cashflow modelling would probably disagree with most.

Correctly adopted, cashflow modelling can unleash your potential, and that of your firm. And, it will deliver life-changing financial benefits to your clients.

In this guide, you’ll discover just how much value these tools can add.

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