As a Paraplanner I have used at least 5 separate cashflow planning tools over the years and they all had their limitations where i4C just doesn’t. It does it all and in a way that is intuitive and visually appealing to the user and clients.

The complexity of tax calculations it performs relieves a huge amount of work from me and the outputs are displayed in a way that I can drill down into but remain simple on the surface for clients.

The team at i4C are continuously challenging themselves to improve the software, factor more in, provide more support and training and bring new innovations to the market. The fact they are driving this innovation is a big reason I chose to use them over other software where it feels as though you are trying to drag them with you to innovate.

Steven Montague DipPFS EFA
Senior Paraplanner
Total Wealth Planning



Steven Montague DipPFS EFA, Senior Paraplanner, Total Wealth Management

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