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Firms who have adopted i4C’s cashflow modelling have seen significant growth in fees per head, clients and referrals.

i4C is a single unified application that can be used by all planners, for all of their clients. The true power of cashflow modelling comes from using it live and interactively with clients. That is why i4C is highly intuitive, easy to use, engaging, and packed with functionality. It is comprehensive enough to handle all aspects of lifetime planning, including tax. We believe tax is crucial given so often the value of the advice is in the tax planning.

I’m Mark Harman, CEO of i4C Technology. In the video below I’ll give you a quick overview of i4C and explain why I think every firm should make cashflow modelling central to their advice processes.

Watch the i4C introduction video.

Vimeo Video

"By using i4C the lawyers as deputy could demonstrate they had considered all options and taken appropriate advice prior to finalising their investment decisions."

Legal Trustees As Deputy For Jonny (Aged 10)

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